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Welcome to the MASK & GAVEL COMMUNITY!!!

Welcome Both old & New Members!!!

This is El Presidente, Ryan.

I started This Web COmmunity as a forum to talk about current projects, and ideas for future projects...it is also, for the older members, a place to talk about memories from Mask & Gavel, and the Stories that Hadley would KILL us for telling you...oh yes,we have quite a few of those indeed...

I just want to say that Haunted High was AMAZING this year!
The creativity and the way you carried yourselves, I am impressed. I also love the way that everyone workes together and genuinly can get along and keep each other entertained...there is a lot of chemistry in the club, which is always a great thing.

The next project, as you may know, is a Cafe. I hope you all are thinking of skits or talents for performances. Cafes are a blast!
I love doing them.
You can eat and be entertaned...ANd i just want to say, that sometiems, even your closest friends can have a talent that you never knew about...

...just keep that last statement in mind, even beyond the cafe...as it is part of a plan i have; new projects for Mask & Gavel.

All in all, Great work on Haunted HIgh, and Great work as a team you guys.
We will need that group effort to keep Masn & Gavel Alive!

I'm Out
Ryan, EL Presidente de Mask & Gavel

P.S. I appologize for my typing...i am classified dyslexic, and typing isn't my strong point...
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