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Friday, December 21st, 2001
10:41 pm
hey you again
wasn't our last cafe' just amazing!!i mean the turnout there aren't words to explain it LOL we had very few members who turned up to help with managment and 3 people who actually came to watch list:mark's dad, sushi, and steph's friend.

bada bing bada baam bada boom have fun and here i go zoom

Current Mood: energetic
10:27 pm
hey It's me John the secretary of mask and gavel
heyyy you guuuuyys!!! sup i here and im happein' and if your interested in my most recent post check out Medieval_man got it good!

seeya signin off John
Saturday, November 3rd, 2001
3:10 am
Check it, I'm here.
All old school and all that.
12:02 am
Welcome to the MASK & GAVEL COMMUNITY!!!
Welcome Both old & New Members!!!

This is El Presidente, Ryan.

I started This Web COmmunity as a forum to talk about current projects, and ideas for future projects...it is also, for the older members, a place to talk about memories from Mask & Gavel, and the Stories that Hadley would KILL us for telling you...oh yes,we have quite a few of those indeed...

I just want to say that Haunted High was AMAZING this year!
The creativity and the way you carried yourselves, I am impressed. I also love the way that everyone workes together and genuinly can get along and keep each other entertained...there is a lot of chemistry in the club, which is always a great thing.

The next project, as you may know, is a Cafe. I hope you all are thinking of skits or talents for performances. Cafes are a blast!
I love doing them.
You can eat and be entertaned...ANd i just want to say, that sometiems, even your closest friends can have a talent that you never knew about...

...just keep that last statement in mind, even beyond the cafe...as it is part of a plan i have; new projects for Mask & Gavel.

All in all, Great work on Haunted HIgh, and Great work as a team you guys.
We will need that group effort to keep Masn & Gavel Alive!

I'm Out
Ryan, EL Presidente de Mask & Gavel

P.S. I appologize for my typing...i am classified dyslexic, and typing isn't my strong point...

Current Mood: productive
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